Steps for Selecting the Right Boarding School

When you have made the huge decision of sending your child to a boarding school, your next priority should be to find the best possible one. In order to do so, you have to consider your own values, such as character building and strong academic programs. This can be a seamless process with the help of a few steps. What are they? Let’s take a look:

Step 1: Start researching schools

Hundreds of boarding schools exist, so the first step should be to search for ones in your area. Consider the characteristics that are important to you, such as academic programs, location, diversity, class size, cost, specialty programs, extracurricular activities and more. This can help you cull out options that don’t meet your criteria.

Step 2: Call the schools

After you have made a shortlist of boarding schools that meet your requirements, it is time to given all of them a call and ask questions. Talk to them about their tuition fee, financial aid opportunities, room and board and other charges involved. This can help you narrowing the list down even further.

Step 3: Visit the schools

Calling the schools is not enough and you need to visit them personally. Have a list of questions you want to ask. Do not forget to meet a few teachers as well. Good and reputable schools, such as Mill Hill Schools, have no problem in providing tours to parents so they can see all the facilities firsthand. They also allow you to meet the staff, so you can ask them questions and get a feel for the school.

Step 4: Talk to the alumni

You can also talk to alumni students who have studied at the school in question about their experience to get a better idea of what to expect and then send in your child’s applications.